Garden Party with Dj Jack Daniels

Photograph Credits ~ Samuel Weatherby

A two hour event to fund raise for Relay For Life of Second Life at the 2nd Annual Castle Contest.. The venue is a OOAK (One of a Kind) build by Debby Sharma (debbyom) based on the theme "Future is Now" to take part in the Home and Garden Building Contest. 

We are relaying for the family members and friends who are fighting against the deadly disease, Cancer. Join us to share your thoughts and memories of loved ones who fought bravely. And lets hold hands to build hope of a Cancer Free World for the future.

All donations, tips and contest winnings would directly go to Kiosk.

Here is a Sneak Peak before the curtain is finally raised just before the event.

New Spring Collection exclusively for Springfest, 2015

Your land mark: Spring Fest

New Spring Collection Available at L$100 only at the Spring Fest April 3rd to April 5th. Grab them while you can!!

Photography Contest

The Photography Contest starts from April 1st, 2015 to April 15th, 2015. The winners will be declared on April 16th, 2015. There will be 2 winners for the event. 100% donations goes to Relay For Life of Second Life.

Your Limo here

What are the Rules for the contest?
  1. All pictures must be an original work, no copy right infringement
  2. Only one person per photograph is allowed.
  3. The pictures Must be PG rated
  4. Must follow the Guidelines for Relay For Life of Second Life
  5. The kiosks will be provided by Team number 93, 4mE-Vents Out only.
  6. You may enter anytime before or during the contest, however, the contest closes on April 15th, 2015. 
How to participate?
  1. To enter the contest, pay the kiosk L$50, which is placed in front of the board (where you want your picture to be displayed)
  2. Send a Note card with transaction history, the image for photo contest (512 X 512 or 1024 X 1024 .png or .jpeg or .jpg images) and the location of your board (stand in front of you board for the slurl) to debbyom Resident in world.
How are the Winners Chosen?
  • The participant who has maximum donation in his/ her kiosk is the winner. 
  • The kiosk which has maximum number of donors.

What does each Winner get?

The participant who has maximum donations in L$ receives
- A portrait size photograph done by Pam Astonia.worth L$3500 
- A gift card from Gliterrati by Sapphire worth L$500.
- A gift card from Petit Chat Art Fashion worth L$2,500.

The participant who has maximum number of Donors receives
- A gift card from Gliterrati by Sapphire worth L$500.
- A gift card from Petit Chat Art Fashion worth L$2,500.

*Note: At present 7 kiosks have been rezzed. More will be rezzed, when more participants queue in.

BYOK Event organized by LA Designs

A two hour event where DJ Nick was playing music and the owner of LA Designs organized a BYOK, that is, Bring Your Own Kiosk Event.

Landmark: LA Designs

I would like to specially mention about OldeSoul Resident, for her kind donations, as the one with maximum donor. Thanks to other donors like Dwen Dooley for donating.

Amount added to kiosk total is:
Kiosk  L$925
USD $3

Hence, raising $11USD from the kiosks.

Other teams that participated in the event are:

  • Team: Aether Chrononauts Tiny Steps raising L$ 725 for its kiosk
  • Team LA Designs @ The Future is Now raising L$ 1235 and L$2900 for its kiosks

Vendors with Fashion Clothing for Women

4mE (For me) ~ The Store sells all its items to fund raise for Relay for Life of Second Life. Look at the Vendor page for landmarks

These vendors are selling fashion clothing for women. Dresses for all occasions and accessories. There is also a random riot vendor where in each play is L$15 each. The vendors rates start with L$77 only.

L$ 1920 raised at The Kick off at RFL of SL

Dear readers,

We have raised L$ 1920 or $8 USD at the Kick off for RFL of SL. Its a good start to drive this 4 month long event. Our team name is  4mE - Vents Out!! For more detailed info about the event visit 4m my Eyes.

In the coming days, we will have lot of events like parties, hunts, raffles, car and biking racing an much more.

To view out team' total page, click the link here

We are looking for new members to join our team. If you are interested, send a mail to  

Go Relay!!

4mE - Vents Out!!

4mEVents is now participating for Relay for Life of Second Life for 2015. Know more about our team and participate with us to promote awareness.

Lets Relay!!
B'cuz the future is now... ...

Fight for Breast Cancer

Another event this month, we are actively raising funds for Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Across Second Life. Welcome to the event to raise awareness.

Time: 8:00 am to 12 Midnight SLT
Venue: Grave Diggers Motor Club

Our Sponsors for the Event 18 hour event are:

Venue Sponsor ~ Grave Diggers Motor Club

Store Sponsor ~ Bull God Choppers

Store Sponsor ~ Night Angels

Store Sponsor ~ Bam Pu Legacies

Store Sponsor ~ P A N A C H E

Cure for Pink

The first 4m my Eyes Initiative. It was the first fund raising event for Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Across Second Life. [RFL of SL]
Theme: Seasons of Pink

Time: 8:00 am to Midnight
Date: Sunday, 5th October, 2014
Venue: Bit of Heaven Club

Cancer Survivors and Caregivers shared their real life stories. The event started at 8 am SLT, with Dj Corolla Michigan. Followed by live performance of 
Trinity Ermintrood at 10 am SLT, 2014, Winner of SL' Got Talent 2014. Dj Darnita, who is also the venue co-owner, played awesome tunes at 11 am SLT. 
At 12 noon, my sweet partner in crime, my co-blogger and blog manager Britney von Prague sang songs on request. At 2 pm we had DJ Edward take over the stream, followed by DJ Nick, Dj Darnita again and Dj Darklord.

Every set had raffles, a lucky winner was given RFL Dragon or an item from Love and Live store, which was our co-sponsor. They also auctioned items. throughout the whole event. The auction boards closed at 11 pm SLT.
We raised the first L$10k by 1 hour and 48 minutes, another L$10k while Trinity sang for the crowd, L$5k while DJ Darnita played for an hour. From noon to 2pm another L$10k. I would like to mention about a resident, Richard who challenged everyone that if we reached the goal, he would contribute 5k more. He donated a total of 15k in the process. The goal had to be increased almost after every set. By the end of the day, we had a total kiosk donation of L$52,800 which is 211.2 USD. If the raffles and auctions are added, the total donation comes to L$ 54,000 which is 216 USD.

At the end of the event after all the challenges, Richard has promised to remain bald for a week, Darnita will be wearing Pink for a week and Debby Sharma will blog bald for 5 days at 4m my Eyes.

All donations, raffles and auctions were done by the kiosks provided by RFL of SL' Making Stride Against Breast Cancer Across Second Life.