BYOK Event organized by LA Designs

A two hour event where DJ Nick was playing music and the owner of LA Designs organized a BYOK, that is, Bring Your Own Kiosk Event.

Landmark: LA Designs

I would like to specially mention about OldeSoul Resident, for her kind donations, as the one with maximum donor. Thanks to other donors like Dwen Dooley for donating.

Amount added to kiosk total is:
Kiosk  L$925
USD $3

Hence, raising $11USD from the kiosks.

Other teams that participated in the event are:

  • Team: Aether Chrononauts Tiny Steps raising L$ 725 for its kiosk
  • Team LA Designs @ The Future is Now raising L$ 1235 and L$2900 for its kiosks

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